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Why did we start Change to Green?

There is one pretty simple answer: We wanted to leave footprints. Make a positive impact in our own, our children’s, other people’s lives.

Every time I draw a little flower on one of our customer’s parcels I can literally see and feel their smile when they look at it. That’s my purpose.

And yes, of course I can offer them an affordable solution to live a healthier life, too.

And yes, they are contributing to a world without excess packaging through purchasing our products in recycled cardboard or organic cotton bags.

Why do we keep going even if this was one of the hardest tasks in our lives so far?

Well, because there are people like Katie and Lilly from Hygiene for Homeless, there are people like our online customers who are purchasing products and donate them, there are people giving us great feedback for our products and work.

There are all the wonderful people who we are working with and working for.

I would do it again anytime.

Why did you Change to Green? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!


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