Turning around

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This is it...


...let's erase the blog on our website header as you are not writing anything at all.

That's what Ralph said.

Said, done. That's it. Claudia writing the blog didn't work.


Bugger, I thought I had something to say!

Not only something, heaps! It's all in my mind, it's there!


Well, there are actually a few steps between mind and laptop and there are so many other things to do. This is just not my first priority.

It's just not important.


Today I decided that it is important. The reason I haven't done it yet is crystal clear:


People could not like what I write. I could write rubbish people are not interested in.

I could damage the brand by writing I don't know what. My English is not good enough. And so on...



I'll go with the second option.

Even if I am a pretty fast runner I decide to turn around and roar.

Do you want to join me?


To be continued...

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