Baby steps and big waves…

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Coming home frustrated from work feels not good. If it’s happening every day, one day it’s enough.

That’s how I felt by writing letters for the Department of conservation to people who just didn’t want to stop cutting trees for the next big building project they had in mind.

I felt it didn’t make sense at all to talk to people who just didn’t get how grateful we should be to get oxygen for free from trees.

So I thought: If it doesn’t make sense to talk and write to adults, maybe I should talk to kids instead?

Said, done. I talked to the manager of the kindy where our girls went. “Of course you can do a project!” she embraced my idea and off we went.

I took “Hermine” with me, a hand puppet snail. She was talking to the kids about oxygen, that we need it to survive and where it comes from. We had lots of fun, we were running behind the racing snail, running out of breath and we tried to hold our breath. We were blowing bubbles in the water to make the air visible. We were dancing and singing and learned the song “Thank you, tree”.

I came 5 times to see the children, once per week. After a holiday break of six weeks, we came back to kindy and a wave of joy overflowed me: “Hermine, when are you coming back to talk about oxygen?” I came back and asked a few tricky questions…

You know what?

These amazing kids knew everything! And still I am proud watching my girls asking their peers not to break braches, because the leaves are producing the oxygen we need to survive…

“You shouldn’t do that, we are going to die if you go ahead, because we will run out of oxygen!”

Out of the mouths of babes….


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