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A couple of months ago, we had an email in our inbox:

… We are sixteen year old students. We are contacting you to inquire about the production process involved in manufacturing your sanitary products, as well as to see if we would be able to visit or meet with you to learn more about your business and products.

Thank you for your help.”

We replied, I met the two 16 year old girls and understood what they are after:

First of all they want to understand our business and if it presents itself the way we communicate it: honest, social, ethical, sustainable and – of course - organic.

Even more important: They set up a project called “Hygiene for Homeless”. They want to take care of women in need by providing them with packs containing products for their daily lives: underwear, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products and more. They will be packing hygiene packs and hand them over to women in need, with assistance of the Wellington City Mission.

They asked us if we could donate some of our products.

We were blown away by their ideas and passion for their project and of course, we wanted to support them!

A small family business doesn’t have a huge marketing budget, but we thought I could just come along to the march they organized beginning of March at the Wellington waterfront.

It was a beautiful day.

They raised more money than they expected.

We donated tampons. And: We had lots of fun!




But we don’t want to leave it at 20 boxes of tampons. We want to keep supporting this project.

From today, we will donate 1 tampon for every order placed by one of our customers and we will donate 2 tampons for every new subscription to H4H

This is to you girls, you are doing a great job! The earth needs more humans like you. I pull my hat.

With love, Claudia

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